# Raspberry PI Camera

# Disclaimer

I wrote this down in august of 2020, because I was cleaning up the raspberry pi we used for this project (I know, 5 years later). So this is more a reference to the pieces I could salvage then a how to.

# Details

We build the timmerdorp.com (opens new window) site with a "live" header image during the Timmerdorp week. So every minute or so, this code uploaded a new image to an s3 bucket, which then got shown on the homepage.


DATE=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H%M")
DAY=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")

raspistill -vf -hf -h 1080 -w 1920 -q 10 -e jpg -th none -o /home/pi/usbdrv/$DATE.jpg

/usr/local/bin/aws s3 cp /home/pi/usbdrv/$DATE.jpg s3://raspberrycam/$DAY/ --acl public-read

# I believe we posted the $date to a database (parse server then) as well, so we could retrieve the specific image.

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
   rm /home/pi/usbdrv/$DATE.jpg
   echo FAIL
The end